Playing Kingdom Death - Session 2

Lysander, still love-struck from the strange lady, sent four women on the hunt in his stead. Zoe and Phoebe, whom he had trusted, lead the charge along with young Margot and her mother Ophelia. Margot's aggressive personality lead her to favor close combat weapons but they had not the materials to properly equip Ophelia. She wrapped herself in a cloth and took a fractured founding stone with her instead.

The group started their hunt and not long into their journey they had discovered the ground beneath them was covered in huge writhing ticks. Margot struggled against them, exhausting herself in the process. Days later, Phoebe lead the group down a strange path and a giant's finger came out of the sky and crushed Ophelia, brutally injuring and concussing her.

Continuing further, they walked into overwhelming darkness. Moths descended upon Ophelia's lantern and she exhausted herself trying to flee from them. Margot was overcome with dread from being in the darkness, sinking into a depression. Phoebe lashed out in the darkness and in the process broke Ophelia's arm. Zoe had become quite fond of a crab spider that had been following her, and decided to scoop it up and walk blindly into the darkness.

Their quarry, the Screaming Antelope, was grazing amidst Acanthus when they surrounded it. Frightened and enraged, it charged forth!

Zoe was knocked down after the monster reared back and kicked her with its hind legs while she and Margot fought at it with their new weapons.

Phoebe shot twice with her brow, hitting both times before encouraging Zoe to stand. Surrounded and angry, the beast glanced over at Ophelia and saw that she had been removing the precious acanthus grass. The beast charged and with a kick to her face shattered her jaw.

Margot went crazy berserk after staring into the antelope's eyes. The antelope's scream is almost deafening and equally terrifying so much that Zoe and Margot ran away. The monster full speed knocked down Ophelia again in the process and she became lethargic and lost her will to do anything.

Zoe and Margot rejoined the fray, cutting at the beast while Phoebe was able to make two direct hits with her arrows. With a blood-curdling scream, the beast fell.

Phoebe and Zoe skinned the beast for valuable fur, more than enough to make complete sets of armor!

Lantern Year 3

After returning to Oikos, Ophelia and Demitri had a child, but Ophelia died in the child birth, causing her husband, Demitri, much grief. Margot didn't take the death well either, needing to find a new way to vent her grief. Happily though, Adrian and Selene had a child while Alec and Thalia had twins! The survivors innovated the drums, Margot and Lysander practiced the drums together and learned a new fighting style.

A strange face of stone had appeared near the settlement! Although it hadn't done anything, the open maw was a source of discussion. The survivors made dares but none chose to enter, none except Adrian! He ran in, exploring and came out before the maw closed. Filled with courage, Adrian was showered with praise for his bravery.

Zoe, Lysander, Margot and Phoebe went on a hunt and the scent of the survivors brought the White Lion close! Navigating through wildfire and suffering strange dreams, they managed to find the Lion without much effort!

The lion survivors ran in at the lion, striking at it quickly but the beast attacked Lysander and dragged him away in his maw!

Phoebe leapt onto the giant stone face and encouraged Lysander to stand. As Margot charged in, the lion feigned weakness and hit her head, knocking her down. Lysander rallied Margot with a cry and with a synchronized strike between himself and Margot, Lysander critically stuck the ribs. Phoebe hit her mark with an well-placed arrow. Wounded and angry, the lion charged Phoebe and knocked her off the giant stone face. Lysander wounded the lion which turned to glower at him. Fearing the worse he crawled away, prone and frightened. Margot helped Lysander gather his wits and the two of them performed their strike again, wounding it. Zoe struck the beast before it retaliated, sending her flying into Phoebe.

Lysander and Phoebe set up another flanking attack and in unison Lysander broke the femur and Margot struck the beast's flank. The Lion growled loudly and slumped to the ground, defeated.

Lantern Year 4

After skinning the beast, the hunters returned only to find a thick green mist where they thought the Lantern Hoard was. Lost and without direction, they ventured out again, waiting for the mist to pass.

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