Playing Kingdom Death - Session 3

Lantern Year 4

With no way to find their way home, Lysander deemed they venture back into the darkness to find more food and resources. Perhaps when they returned, they can find the location of the Lantern Hoard at Oikos.

Phoebe caught the trail of an Antelope and the foursome decided to follow it for food. Not long after they encountered an acanthus field, chopping away at it while they searched for the Antelope. The monster caught wind of their scent and almost ambushed the survivors but was too far to catch them off guard. The group detected the beast and went into hiding, seeking refuge behind some ruins and the Antelope went to graze instead.

Upon noticing them approach, the antelope screamed loudly and although Zoe and Phoebe had become quite resistant to these forms of attacks, Margot winced and shuddered under the sonic assault. The group charged forth! Margot ran at the beast, driving her katar into the head, destroying its horns. The monster spasmed as arrows flew by, kicking and screaming, knocking Margot down with a hoof to the head. Zoe took the opportunity to run in but hit the antelope's dense teeth, destroying her sword in the process. As Lysander wounded the monster, the antelope trampled him before trying to run away to safety. Margot ran after the antelope and drove her katars through the chest of the beast and it slumped over with a terrible howl.

With the carcasses of two beasts, Zoe, Phoebe, Margot and Lysander returned with a wealth of resources for the settlement! With their new resources, they decided to find a better way to house their kin, creating safe hovels for the settlement.

Lysander's son, Xander, and Margot fell deeply in love and formed a close bond and shortly after had a son: Achilles. Lysander ordered the construction of a weapon crafter which allowed Zoe to gain a Whistling mace to replace her broken sword. Lysander and his wife, Cassandra, then gave birth to a savior named Soterious. Soterious vanished into the dream for only a second but gained a lifetime of memories of the Lantern. Blessed with powerful luck, Soterious was destined for glory. There wasn't much time for celebration, however, as a malicious presence soon loomed at the edge of the Lantern Hoard...

The Butcher

The Butcher arrived...

The survivors quickly advanced upon the Butcher, who was distracted by the remains of the Antelope left out as a distraction. Phoebe leaped atop a ruins and fired but failed to wound the inhuman monster. Margot dashed behind the Butcher and stabbed him with a katar through his gut, knocking him prone.

Margot disoriented the Butcher

Margot moved out so that Zoe and Lysander could attack. Lysander furiously struck at the Butcher with his dagger, but he was overpowered and knocked down. Zoe used her new weapon and brutally wounded the Butcher's mask, shattering it and revealing his inhuman visage. After her barrage of attacks, the Butcher turned around and sent her flying. Phoebe took the opportunity to shoot and wounded the inhuman savage with both arrows.

The Butcher was ready as the group advanced again, and with a whirlwind of bone and steel, the Butcher thrust and stabbed, knocking everyone but Phoebe to the stone floor and knocked Zoe across the battlefield! Stamping at the ground, the Butcher cast his eyes at his nearby foes, all of which were slowly bleeding out.

Phoebe set a stray shot to distract the butcher so that Margot could gain her footing again, then sent a pair of arrows at the Butcher, but she was distracted and hadn't realized the Butcher was prepared for her. With both cleavers, he struck at her, causing grievous wounds as her blood fell over the face of the fallen statue.

Margot charged in behind the Butcher and drove her katar into a weakness in his armored back but the Butcher then turned about and backhanded her. The Butcher continued his assault on Phoebe, hitting her leg, causing her to fall prone and she started to bleed out! Margot and Lysander quickly stood up and tried to finish off the Butcher, but he was ready to defend their attack and overpowered everyone, throwing all three of them backward. Lysander now an inch from death and prone, with Phoebe not far off, Zoe's eyes lit with rage. She charged in from behind and wrapped her flail around the Butcher's neck and pulled with a mighty heave. The flail stopped his inhuman rampage as she decapitated him.

Zoe felled the Butcher

The Butcher stood there motionless as the survivors licked their wounds, despite his removed head. Zoe screamed a loud war cry as the four of them celebrated. She stepped forward and removed his cleaver and dragged it back to the settlement in triumph.

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