The Hammers of Sigmar

The First Stormhost

The Hammers of Sigmar were the first to be forged and the first to be called down by Sigmar onto the Brimstone Peninsula. Vandus Hammerhand and the arrival first Stormhost were the first events to send the world out of the Age of Chaos. The Hammers of Sigmar are iconic in the Age of Sigmar, being promoted on more than one starter box and were featured on the cover art of the Age of Sigmar 2nd edition rulebook. It makes sense, the end times called forth the end of the Age of Myth and heralded the Age of Chaos and the Hammers of Sigmar represent the new age. They aren’t all powerful though! Despite their initial success, the forces of Chaos had been very successful in combating the forces of Order and had near universal control of the worlds. Regardless of how you feel about them, you see one of the heroes of The First Stormhost, you know it’s Age of Sigmar.

The Hammers of Sigmar wears armor of bright gold and blue, often wearing tabards of beige and red. Primes have red plumes and their cloaks often are white on the inside. We’ll be showing off the Sacrosanct chamber: the chamber of mages, priests and engineers who initially overlooked the reforging process of the Stormcast but with their power were called to war to combat the forces of death. These warrior-clerics had powers of exorcism, sorcery and the storm better able to fight the wraiths of the forces of Death better… after all, how useful is a sword against a ghost?

The Sacrosanct chamber is easily identifiable compared to the rest of their Stormcast brethren. Although they wear the same heavy armor, they don tabards, robes and kilts, likely what they would have worn before the reforging. Additionally although most of the Redeemers and Paladins have flowing script and prayer beads, the Sacrosanct have powerful spirit vials and scrolls instead. They channel arcane power with these, able to empower their armaments, shields or even control the power of raw magic. Lastly, you’ll find staves much more common in the Sacrosanct chamber, being nearly nonexistent throughout the other chambers.

Heroes of the Sacrosanct

Lord-Arcanums lead the Sacrosanct chamber and we’ll be looking at one riding a mighty Gryph-Charger and then a slight kitbash of Astreia Solbright and her trusty friend Kazra.

Astreia Solbright and Kazra

Lord-Arcanum riding a Gryph-Charger

Lord-Arcanums possess incredible arcane power and are one of the more troublesome units on the battlefield but all of the models (there are three more!) for the Lord-Arcanum have immense detail. Scrolls, spirit vials and other little satchels plus each mount is full of character. Kazra has such a happy smile! Ultimately these models used significantly more color variety than the rest of the chamber and the teal of the Gryph-Charger and all of the detail on his beak claws and feathers made it a more daunting project. Kazra's pale blue was fun and her spines, teeth and claws make her so dainty and cute. Ultimately my favorite part of the Lord-Arcanums ended up being the mounts.

Soldiers of the Sacrosanct

Sequitors with a Knight-Incantor

Sequitors are basically the best battleline in Age of Sigmar. Not necessarily due to how powerful they are but they have so much character. Each Sequitor already looks like a hero. They all look unique and distinct, yet they're just random dudes. They can wield a few different weapons, possibly shields and ultimately with a variety of faces and heads you can customize each Sequitor to be distinct and heroic.

The Knight-Incantor is great support for the Sacrosanct chamber, not just because of her spells but the inclusion of the Voidstorm scroll is one of the most annoying things in the game. Ultimately the model varies because there are so many kits! In the above picture, we see her Soul Wars model which is monopose so you'll be seeing a lot of those and perhaps the singing/chanting expression on her face isn't the most flattering but definitely a force on the battlefield.

Artillery of the Sacrosanct

What's better than a ballista? A lightning ballista!

The Sacrosanct chamber gave the Stormcast Eternals a heavy boost in the range department. The Lord-Ordinator makes Order artillery more accurate as long as they are near him and they also introduced the first Stormcast war machine: The Celestar Ballista. Capable of rapid fire high rend shots, it's good at taking down anything with high armor.


Lord-Ordinators have two miniatures available to them and we'll be looking at the one released as part of Malign Portents! this dude has so many details: quilted tabard, leather gloves with plated gauntlets, two weapons, a variety of tools, his cloak has fun details on the tips and really, he has so much going on. He was probably one of my favorite new heroes.

The crew of the Celestar Ballista, have similar details, as well! Albeit they're snap fit and not nearly as fun, but you can always spruce up the tabard and add some angry face! He's just trying to reload the ballista, no need to be upset. Is only game.

I must admit: I'm pretty let down by these guys. While in game they're a disappointment I do love the models. Especially the snap-fit Castigator Prime. He's another one of those guys that looks like a hero in his own right.

That's my Sacrosanct! We'll be showing off more of our projects soon, stay tuned!


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