Micro Pigment Painting is miniature painting studio in Toledo, Ohio, offering a range of services for miniatures from a variety of tabletop games.

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The Details Matter

We offer assembly services, mold line removal, cleaning of resin miniatures, and priming for a better paint bond.


Committed to Quality

We offer three tiers of quality that will fit into your budget and needs. Because every commission is unique, we do custom quotes based on what you would like to have painted. Though we are based in Toledo, Ohio, we also accept commissions from the continental United States. We’ll even pay for the return shipping!

Tabletop Ready - Standard Hogwash Package

  • Standard paint job (3 colors & shading)

  • Standard basing (coat of texture paint)

  • Complementary matte varnish coating for protection

Advanced Oinkment Package

  • Advanced paint job (includes highlighting, eyes)

  • Advanced basing (Texture paint & simple terrain)

  • Complementary matte varnish coating for protection

Premium Pigturesque Package

  • Premium paint job (includes blending, detailed highlighting, technical effects, eyes)

  • Premium basing (Texture paint & special order terrain)

  • Freehand details.

  • Complementary matte varnish coating for protection


Toledo OH United States 43615

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